History was created in more ways than one on Saturday 6th July 2019 when Newhaven FC Walking Football squad entered their first ever tournament, the venue Longhill School.

The tourney rules seemed initially complex, however the players soon got the hang of proceedings. In the most basic form twelve squads entered, the Dockers entering at short notice having accepted the invitation following one of the original squads dropping out, three leagues of four squads, top teams entering the second phase ‘cup’ competition and the bottom teams entering the ‘plate’ competition.

Winning three out of the four matches in the final phase of the competition the glorious, victorious golden oldies will be bringing the ‘Clearwell Walking Football Plate’ trophy home to Fort Rd.

The road to victory included a well earned 1-1 draw against a very strong Arsenal FC squad, I don’t want to single any player out as they were all magnificent however, Andy ‘Daddy’ Berry scored a goal against the current England international keeper being only one of two players to do so on the day, the other goal being from the penalty spot by the eventual over all winners.

Newhaven FC v Arsenal FC – Newhaven FC player scores against the England stopper, it’s the stuff of legends mate!

Make some room in the trophy cabinet…..

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