Jayson Sowter has stepped down from his role as Newhaven U23s assistant manager.

Sowter, who combined the role with playing first team football, says he has enjoyed every minute of it but wants to take the time to focus on playing.

“I will take away some great memories from the past couple of years,” said Sowter. “The county cup winning run was pretty special, and in particular the win at Hastings when we were written off by everyone.”

“It’s such a shame we didn’t get to complete this season as I’m absolutely certain that we would have gone on to win the league and I think that would have been a better achievement than the U21s league win three years ago due to the strength of the league this year.”

Sowter was full of praise for the players he worked with too, adding: “I hope they all stick together this coming season and carry on the good work. I’ll be ensuring I get down to games and keep an eye on results when I can’t, but I want to give next season a real go. When we’re not training or playing ourselves, I want to use the time to stay fit.”

And of the man he stood alongside for two years, Sowter had high tribute for. “I mostly want to say a huge thank you to Kieran. He’s made me realise the work that goes into it and not just through the eyes of a player. Plus, the amount of clothing I got is a real bonus!”

U23s manager Kieran Ridley was equally complimentary about Sowter. “I think a few people may have doubted my decision to get Sowts in with me, mainly due to his discipline record, but you won’t believe me when I say I can remember just once, Sowts having a proper go at a referee.”

“Sowts is a proper football person, someone who really understands the game and having someone alongside you like that is a massive help. I’m not the easiest person to work with because I’m so specific on how certain things need to be done, but Sowts did all those things & more.”

“He’s been great, and I’m going to miss having him around but I know how hard he’s working ahead of next season and a fully committed, fully fit Sowts is a hell of a player to have for the first team.”

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