Tyler Goatcher

NameTyler Goatcher
Nationality United Kingdom (GB)


About You

Name: Tyler Goatcher
Nickname/s: The Goat, Ty, Chav (stuck from a young age)
Date of birth: 21/07/1991
Birthplace: Brighton
Occupation: Professional poker player
Boots: Nike tiempos

Football Career

Position: Striker
Previous Club/s: Lancing, Eastbourne United, Hailsham Town, Seaford Town, Steyning Town
Honours: Division 3 Winner, Sussex Intermediate Cup Winner, Division 3 Cup Runners-up
Most memorable match played in: Newhaven vs Barnham. I missed a penalty 5 mins in. Being 1-0 down in the 60th min I went on to score 5 and win 5-2.
Best ground played at: Bognor Regis


Professional team: Manchester United
Player: Cantona, Zidane, Van Persie
Food: Peri Peri Chicken
Drink: Jd coke
TV Show: Friends
Band/singer: Anything

Team Mates

Best Trainer: Me
Worst Trainer: Greg?
Most Skilful: Probably Trish
The Joker: Breachy
Fastest: Robbo
Most Intelligent: Probert or Altendorff
Least Intelligent: Sowter and Trish – nothing in it
Worst Dress Sense: Tight between Knighty’s white socks and Greg’s Japan hat
Worst Taste in Music: Any man that snubs Vengaboys on match day
Longest in the Shower: Scotty Edwards

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