Ryan Knight

NameRyan Knight
Nationality United Kingdom (GB)


About You

Name: Ryan Knight
Nickname/s: Knighty, Knight dog, Knight fish
Date of birth: 20/02/1991
Birthplace: Eastbourne
Occupation: Sales Support/Workshop Administrator
Boots: Adidas

Football Career

Position: Centre Back / Left Back
Previous Club/s: Seaford, AFC Uckfield
Honours: Divison 2 Cup runners-up, Divison 3 Cup runners-up, Divison 3 Champions, Intermediate Cup Winners, Division 2 runners-up. Some sunday cups added to them
Most memorable match played in: Playing Crawley Town last year in the Senior Cup. But the best one is the last game of the 2011/12 season when we won Division 3, opening the scoring and the celebrations after were class.
Best ground played at: Bognor Regis or Eastbourne Boro


Professional team: Arsenal
Player: Don’t have one..
Food: Chinese
Drink: Vodka Redbull
TV Show: Family Guy
Band/singer: Drake

Team Mates

Best Trainer: Trish or Breach
Worst Trainer: Even though I’m there I would say myself…
Most Skilful: Rhodes or Ebs
The Joker: We do have a few in this team.. but Breachy does win this one.
Fastest: I would say Robbo on this one
Most Intelligent: Probes
Least Intelligent: Trish or Sowts as he comes out with some pretty stupid stuff
Worst Dress Sense: I say we have a pretty well dressed team
Worst Taste in Music: Not a clue..
Longest in the Shower: Rubz takes its now Jakey Forward has left

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