Jayson Sowter

NameJayson Sowter
Nationality United Kingdom (GB)


About You

Name: Jayson Sowter
Nickname/s: Sowts & Polish
Date of birth: 31/12/1990
Birthplace: Brighton
Occupation: Electrician
Boots: Predators

Football Career

Position: Centre Midfield/Defence
Previous Club/s: Ringmer
Honours: No senior trophies
Most memorable match played in: Ringmer vs Binfield. Drew 2-2 AET and I scored 120th minute equaliser to force the replay.
Best ground played at: St Marys Stadium


Professional team: Chelsea
Player: Gianfranco Zola
Food: Curry
Drink: JD & Coke
TV Show: Only Fools and Horses
Band/singer: Drake is my gameday music

Team Mates

Best Trainer: Tel
Worst Trainer: Dave Altendorff. No show!
Most Skilful: Trish. Pulls some tricks out.
The Joker: Breachy. Very quick one liners.
Fastest: Robbo
Most Intelligent: Probes or Breachy? Definitely wiser than the rest.
Least Intelligent: Trish
Worst Dress Sense: Knighty. Got a frame like Rodney Trotter.
Worst Taste in Music: Can only say Naz as he’s the only one who ever plays with the boombox.
Longest in the Shower: Rubz or Jakey Forward. Trish is 1st in, last out.

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