Jake Buss

NameJake Buss
Nationality United Kingdom (GB)


About You

Name: Jake Buss
Nickname/s: Bussy, Bussman, Bush, Bushman
Date of birth: 02/11/1991
Birthplace: Brighton
Occupation: Fireplace fitter and president of the Paul Whitmore appreciation society
Boots: Adidas Predators

Football Career

Position: Goalkeeper
Previous Club/s: Lewes, Eb Boro, Eb Utd, Peacehaven, Seaford, Ringmer, AFC Uckfield
Honours: RUR Cup Winner, John O’Hara Cup Winner, SCFL Div 1 Runner-up, Div 2 Runner-up and Div 3 Winner
Most memorable match played in: FA Youth Cup 3rd round against Hull City
Best ground played at: Madjeski Stadium


Professional team: Man Utd
Player: Peter Schmeichel
Food: Chicken
Drink: Bull Frogs
Band/singer: Wagner

Team Mates

Best Trainer: Breach
Worst Trainer: Naz
Most Skilful: Naz
The Joker: Ebs, never shuts up!
Fastest: Rodney
Most Intelligent: Myself
Least Intelligent: Very close between Sowter and Trish!
Worst Dress Sense: Knighty, constant hood up!
Worst Taste in Music: Everyone!
Longest in the Shower: Jakey F, takes time to wash his 3 legs!

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