McDonalds Continue Newhaven Sponsorship


Newhaven FC are delighted to announce McDonalds have continued their sponsorship into the 2019-20 season, making it the 8th season they have supported the football club.

Their generous support goes towards the cost of our youth teams kit, from our U7s all the way up to our U23s team for both the boys and the girls.

U23 manager Kieran Ridley, who co-ordinates the deal with McDonalds, thanked them for their sponsorship.

“Our sincere thanks go to McDonalds and in particular, Ismet Turen, whose support is incredible. Our youth team are able to have a consistent kit across the club and it goes a long way to creating an image for the football club.

“Without Ismet’s help, we would have to find individual sponsors for each team’s home kit, meaning everyone would look different. Due to his help, the parent / family sponsors are able to then help with training kits for the teams which further helps us create a club identity.

“A lot of hard work has gone in at the football club over the last few years to increase the youth section and become a place for young players to play, and without the support of someone like McDonalds, this would be a lot more difficult and place more pressure on volunteers who are already giving up a huge amount of their time.”

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  1. Martin Garry says:

    Top work Kieran

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